We are Worth Defending Offers Self-Defense Training for Women of Color

Self-defense training for Women of Color is more than just a class. It’s a movement.

In a world where Women of Color are disproportionately affected by intimate partner violence, the need for self-defense training has never been more urgent. A new program in Columbus, Ohio, is addressing this issue head-on. IMPACT Safety and ESD Global teamed up for the project “We Are Worth Defending,” which helps women fight against verbal and physical abuse.

The Impact of Violence on the Community

Statistics reveal that 38% of women in Ohio experience some form of intimate partner physical violence. This percentage is even higher among women of color, making self-defense classes like this one crucial for the community.

Empowerment Through Training

The program is not just about physical defense techniques; it’s about empowerment. Women learn to set boundaries with strangers and loved ones, a skill that many people find challenging. The curriculum covers everything from verbal de-escalation to physical defense techniques.

Dez Schallenberg, the instructor for the course, emphasizes the importance of boundary setting. “We’re teaching boundary setting with strangers and also with people that you care about, which can be way harder than with strangers,” she says.

What Participants Say

Venica Miller, not only a participant but also the program’s manager, shares her personal experience. “I can’t tell you how good it feels to be in community with other women that are like me,” Miller states. She has struggled to learn to set boundaries with her loved ones.

Getting Involved with Self-Defense Training for Women of Color

Programs like “We Are Worth Defending” focus on more than just self-defense. They also promote empowerment, community building, and setting boundaries. They equip women with the skills they need to navigate a world that often puts them at risk.

The program is new and constantly changing. They want it to be easier for everyone to use. Future cohorts will include more intersectional approaches to self-defense training.

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Key Takeaways

  • Self-defense training is crucial for women of color.
  • The We Are Worth Defending program teaches both physical and verbal defense techniques.
  • Boundary settings, especially with friends and family, are core curriculum components.
  • The program aims to be inclusive and accessible to all.

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