Who Needs IMPACT:Ability?

People with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities (I/DD) are more likely to
experience conditions (e.g., isolation, lack of abuse awareness, lack of sexuality
education, dependence on caregivers, communication barriers, etc.) that heighten their
risk of abuse and decrease their ability to report abuse. We understand that every
person is unique, with different strengths, processing abilities, and communication
styles. In our trainings, we strive to meet each student at their own level in order to
maximize their ability to comprehend and retain the information.

IMPACT:Ability aims to reduce the risks of abuse by teaching skills centered around:

● Self-advocacy
● Emotional self-regulation
● Adrenaline management
● Healthy relationships
● Reporting


If you have questions, or would like to take advantage of limited grant-funded
subsidies, please contact I MPACT:A bility staff at the email or phone number listed
below. We look forward to hearing from—and working with—you soon!

● Olivia Caldeira, PhD, I MPACT:A bility Program Director/Instructor

● Matt O’Brien, I MPACT:A bility Program Manager/Instructor

● Julie Harmon, PhD, I MPACT Safety Executive Director

● Office phone: 614.437.2884

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