Every-BODY Can Be Confident and Capable: People with Disabilities

People with intellectual disabilities and other special needs are at a high risk of assault, abuse and bullying.  IMPACT Safety has a history of successfully teaching personal safety and self-protection skills to people with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities, including loss of vision, hearing, or mobility. IMPACT’s goal is to provide participants with the tools to make choices and take action that will increase their emotional and physical safety. By acknowledging and respecting individual challenges, people with disabilities increase their confidence in different situations.

This program teaches a full spectrum of personal safety skills that include:

  • Awareness of self, others, and location
  • Setting boundaries with acquaintances and strangers
  • Strategies for dealing with bullying or verbal attack
  • Getting help
  • Staying safe while riding public transportation
  • Making safe choices with support tools such as canes, service dogs, and wheelchairs
  • Learning effective physical self-defense skills without being able to see the target or while seated in a wheelchair
  • Negotiating personal safety with caregivers

Timeframe: 2-18 hours

Group Size: 12 participants

Investment: Dependent on program length.  Contact IMPACT Safety for more details.

Please contact IMPACT Safety at info@impactsafety.org for more information or to schedule a workshop.

For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK BELOW.

Every-BODY Can Be Confident and Capable: For Seniors

The senior community often face various issues related to vulnerability – both emotional and physical, neglect, abuse and fraud. IMPACT programs for the seniors address these concerns in ways that respond to these fears; teach skills that can enhance confidence, both emotionally and physically, and provide resources for continued help.

Programming for seniors can take place in dinning centers, with community groups, as part of wellness and health activities or as stand alone gatherings.

Timeframe: 1-4 hours

Group Size: Unlimited

Investment: Cost is dependent on length and outcomes.

For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

Every-BODY Can: Be Safer – Safety 411

This 1 to 1-1/2-hour interactive workshop addresses myths and misconceptions about personal safety and violence, and teaches facts and suggestions that can increase effective safety practices and confidence. Participants will learn what assailants are looking for and how to avoid being targeted through awareness skills, body language, and using one’s voice. They will have the opportunity to learn and practice nonverbal body language and verbal strategies.

Timeframe: 1 to 1-1/2-hours

Group size: Unlimited

Investment: $350.  For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

Every-Workplace Can: Be Safer

Safety 101

Description: Designed for staff of any workplace to provide an overview of key personal safety attributes, a look at how the organization supports and communicates its concerns for employee safety, the influence of socialization on interpersonal safety habits and beliefs and practice in  awareness of common interpersonal safety concerns.

Timeframe: 2 hours

Group size: Limited to 20

Investment: $700 / Discounts available for multiple workshops scheduled.


Safety 102

Description: Builds on lessons learned in Safety 101. Further develops basic skills in awareness, verbal strategies, space and distance when addressing common interpersonal safety concerns. Includes components of workplace harassment, workplace violence and supervision.

Timeframe: 2 hours

Group size: Limited to 20

Investment: $700 / Discounts available for multiple workshops scheduled.

For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

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