Safety Starts Early for Children & The Adults That Love Them

It is important that children know where safety is, what to do when they are approached by someone they don’t know, and how to set boundaries with people who give them a “funny feeling”. While knowing Stranger Safety is valuable; what is sometimes overlooked is how often a child is with someone they do know. It is equally important that children learn the skills to be safe with peers as well as adults who challenge their safety rules.

The Safety Starts Early Workshop is specially designed for children ages 5–7 and their caring adults. Students learn and practice basic verbal and nonverbal personal safety techniques that are developmentally appropriate. Safe situations and people are based on proximity, safety rules and awareness. Children learn how to stay safe by practicing clear boundary setting, awareness, how to use resources, and what to do should the verbal skills not work. Parents and caregivers participate in the workshop with their children.

The program is generally taught by a male and female instructor team. Students practice the techniques with the instructor team with one staff playing the “boundary crosser” and the other coaching them as they practice new skills.

In some classes, IMPACT Safety uses a certified and trained instructor in a fully padded protective suit. This gives children the opportunity to practice physical responses which may be necessary to break away from someone bigger or stronger than themselves.  The techniques are simple. Children learn by doing and remember what is taught as it becomes part of their “muscle memory”. Most children have never had an opportunity to practice what to do if they needed to use physical skills to stay safe. In this program, they get to practice techniques safely in a supportive atmosphere.  Children and adults learn personal safety strategies and ways they can continue to practice at home.

Timeframe: 2½ – 6 hours

Group size: Class size is limited to twelve children and the adults who care for them

Investment: $75-$165 For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

Please contact IMPACT Safety at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

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