Wear a T-shirt That Helped Create a Better World!

It is not often that you can update your wardrobe and help create a better world at the same time!  But, that is exactly what will happen when you purchase one of our vintage or 2017 IMPACT Safety t-shirts.

Proceeds for each t-shirt go directly to our scholarship fund!  In fact…IMPACT provided scholarships worth $6,795 in 2016!  That’s right!  We gave away ALL of our scholarship funds last year to individuals and organizations in need of financial assistance.

By purchasing a t-shirt, you will help us continue to provide empowered self-defense and personal safety training to those who want and need our training, but whose circumstances make tuition difficult.  If you would like to make a general donation to IMPACT Safety, CLICK HERE.

Are you ready to get your t-shirt now?



2017 IMPACT Safety T-shirts

T-shirt reads: “One day NO will be enough, until then, there’s IMPACT

#18 – Black, Size Small – 6 available

#19 – Black, Size Medium – 5 available

#20 – Black, Size Large – 2 available

#21 – Black, Size X-Large – 2 available

#22 – Grey, Size Small – 2 available

#23 – Grey, Size Medium – 2 available

#24 – Grey, Size Large – 4 available

VINTAGE IMPACT Safety T-shirts

#1 – “IMPACT Self-Defense of Muncie” (Red, Size: L) $25.00

#2 – “Fight Back Central OH STAFF” (Grey, Size: L) $25.00

#3 – “Fight Back Central OH STAFF” (Grey, Size: XL) $25.00

#4 – “Fight Back Central OH STAFF” (Purple, Size: L) $25.00


#5 – “Fight Back Central OH ASSISTANT” (Grey, Size: L) $25.00

#6 – “Fight Back Central OH ASSISTANT” (Grey, Size: M) $25.00

#7 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Grey, Size: L) $25.00 *2 available

#8 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Letters: Teal/Black, Shirt: Grey, Size: L) $25.00

#9 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Letter: Purple/Blue, Shirt: White, Size: L) $25.00

#10 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Letters: Red/Black, Shirt: White, Size: L) $25.00

#11 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Letters: Purple, Shirt: White, Size: L) $25.00

#12 – “Walk to Fight Back” (Shirt: Yellow, Size: L) $25.00

#13 – “You Must Do The Thing You Think You Cannot Do” (Shirt: White, Size: L) $25.00

#14 – “Self Defense & Empowerment for Women” (Sweatshirt: Blue, Size: L) $30.00

#15 – “Fight Back Central OH” (Sweatshirt: Black, Size: L) $30.00 *2 available

#16 – “Self Defense & Empowerment for Women” (Sweatshirt: Grey, Size: M) $30.00

#17 – “Self Defense & Empowerment for Women” (Sweatshirt: Purple, Size: XL) $30.00


Shipping Information: Please allow 2-weeks for shipping.  Shipping will take place twice per month.  If you have any questions, please call us at 614-437-2884.