People with intellectual disabilities and other special needs are at a high risk of assault, abuse and bullying.  IMPACT Safety has a history of successfully teaching personal safety and self-protection skills to people with physical, emotional, or cognitive disabilities, including loss of vision, hearing, or mobility. IMPACT’s goal is to provide participants with the tools to make choices and take action that will increase their emotional and physical safety. By acknowledging and respecting individual challenges, people with disabilities increase their confidence in different situations.

This program teaches a full spectrum of personal safety skills that include:

  • Awareness of self, others, and location
  • Setting boundaries with acquaintances and strangers
  • Strategies for dealing with bullying or verbal attack
  • Getting help
  • Staying safe while riding public transportation
  • Making safe choices with support tools such as canes, service dogs, and wheelchairs
  • Learning effective physical self-defense skills without being able to see the target or while seated in a wheelchair
  • Negotiating personal safety with caregivers

Timeframe: 2-18 hours

Group Size: 12 participants

Investment: Dependent on program length.  Contact IMPACT Safety for more details.

Please contact IMPACT Safety at for more information or to schedule a workshop.

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