Adults face situations every day in which they ignore uncomfortable feelings or plan activities based on reducing the likelihood of being uncomfortable. Often, this is outside of conscious awareness, having settled into a routine pattern of behaviors. These are limiting behaviors based on fear, lack of confidence, personal history, or myth pose limits that can prevent new opportunities.

Empowered Safety and Self Defense Course, is based upon a nationally recognized curriculum, developed and researched over the past 35 years. It is a realistic interpersonal emotional and physical  skills program that addresses awareness, avoidance, de-escalation, and confrontation. The skills focus on both interactions with strangers and with those more likely to instill feelings of “un-comfortableness” – people we know. This course covers all aspects of interpersonal safety and individual choice – providing participants with embodied awareness, practice and  tools for their personal toolbox.

The curriculum focuses on learning and practicing verbal and nonverbal skills effective in communicating and interacting with others. The curriculum makes the connection between advocating for one’s self and communicating assertively with friends, family, and other relationships on the continuum of violence. Participants practice reading others and how to communicate verbally and physically – if necessary.  Practicing these levels of self-defense is an experience of being personally powerful in the face of fear. These experiences expand possibilities for living a fuller life.

The program is taught by certified staff, trained in trauma informed care and physical safety.

Timeframe: 25 hours

Group size: Limited to 13

Investment: $385-$450

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