This curriculum is specifically designed for young people ages 7 to 11. The curriculum focuses on learning and practicing awareness skills, verbal and nonverbal interpersonal safety skills in common situations, and what to do if awareness and communication (verbal and non-verbal skills) are not enough to provide safety.

Teaching kids how to be safe, how to be aware, and what skills they have, helps them feel less afraid and more confident in everyday situations. Children need to know what safety is, where it is, what to do when home alone; and how to deal with everyday situations at school, at a friend’s house, experiencing their expanding world.

Stranger safety is important, but equally important is that young people know how to deal with conflicts and situations with someone they already know — especially someone older and revered. Dealing with bullies, peer pressure and social messages are part of today’s everyday challenges. Even sports and group activities can be overwhelming or uncomfortable for many children.

Timeframe: 4-6 hours

Group size: Limited to 15

Investment: Dependent on program length and outcomes.  For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

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