Specially designed for teens, this training uses realistic scenarios to teach young people learn verbal, emotional and physical skills necessary to help them stay emotionally and physically safe. Healthy relationships,up stander behaviors and the context of interpersonal threats are addressed, so that young people can build an understanding of the world they live in.

The workshop covers basic safety information critical to youth: myths, realities, perception, intrusions and uncomfortableness in a wide variety of situations. Participants learn how powerful they are and what choices they can make to reduce vulnerabilities and increase their personal safety.

Timeframe: 4 – 14 hours

Group size: Limited to 16

Investment: $100-$360 For more information on how we price our programs, CLICK HERE.

IMPACT Safety can organize a program for a specific grade in your school, youth group or other youth services. Contact us for information at info@impactsafety.org